We are not
a Typical
film school.

Traditional education models tend to offer courses focused on story composition and technical skills with little to no training on how stories can engineer experiences, create personal change and evoke transformation within communities.

The Prodigy Cinema School offers a completely re-imagined format of education. You will:

• Experience hands-on apprenticeship training in a six week long “semester” and in an immersive, non-traditional learning environment.

• Learn the fundamentals of story form and structure while deepening an understanding of your core story

• Be placed on real working film sets, learn alongside professional editors, introduce you to writers, directors, and producers

• Collaborate with your fellow students to create your own cinema project that will be observed and evaluated by our industry mentors


Who we are

We are storytellers who believe in a hands on, immersive form of learning that engages its students through various methods of education.

Stories are the original form of entertainment, dating back to the beginning of time. They carry information, evoke emotions, and live on beyond the life of the storyteller, being passed down for generations. Stories can teach, ignite war, bring peace, heal the heart and more.  

The value of storytelling has never been more important in our culture, particularly in areas where the success of a product, brand, documentary, feature film, narrative series, etc. relies upon conveying a compelling, relatable story that evokes emotion, behavior change and activation in some form.


The Prodigy Cinema School will help you tell these stories
through three core fundamentals: 


our storytellers

Our industry mentors have 20+ years in the film industry working with brands and artists such as ESPN, Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Verizon, Mazda, and Canon (just to name a few). Their gifted storytelling has taught thousands, written countless pages, fostered over a billion combined views, and become cornerstones of our culture. Come join them and be a part of the next generation of storytellers.